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    National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 810 Released

    October 2015

    The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has released Report 810: Consideration of Preservation in Pavement Design and Analysis Procedures.  APTech performed the research and authored the report under NCHRP Project 01-48.


    The genesis of the project was the belief that pavement preservation has an impact on pavement performance and pavement service life that should be considered in the pavement design process.  To evaluate this idea, APTech first reviewed available information on pavement preservation and pavement design.  Next, APTech interviewed representatives of selected state highway agencies and pavement industry groups.  These interviews yielded valuable insight of the effects of pavement preservation in pavement design and analysis procedures and identified the extent to which highway agencies consider future preservation in the design of a pavement.


    The report examines the effects of preservation on pavement performance and service life, including an analysis of the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program data that were used in developing the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) pavement performance models.  It describes three approaches for considering these effects in pavement design and analysis procedures, and includes example illustrations of each approach using actual pavement data.


    ACC Institute PCN Webinars

    September 2015

    APTech’s Monty Wade is an instructor for the Airport Consultant Council (ACC)’s Pavement Classification Number (PCN) Webinar in October!


    This two-session webinar covers FAA Advisory Circular 150/5335-5C, Standardizing Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength - PCN, which was released in August 2014.  It is required for all airports that have received AIP funds for public-use pavements and all public-use paved runways at Part 14 CFR 139 certificated airports be assigned PCN data.


    SESSION 1: Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    During the first session, the procedure for developing PCNs in accordance with this Advisory Circular and using the FAA's COMFAA 3.0 software will be presented.  In addition, the reasons behind FAA's move to using PCN in lieu of allowable loads by gear type will be discussed, as will FAA's current policy and potential future modifications.


    SESSION 2: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

    The second session will focus on sample problems and case studies designed to illustrate how the procedure and software work and how to interpret the results to determine if the pavement can accommodate heavier aircraft; the second session will consist of new material not presented in previous PCN webinars.


    Register Now!!


    Complete a Survey to Enhance the Study of Permeable Pavements

    September 2015

    The Airport Consultants Council (ACC)-sponsored ACRP Project 02-64 – Guidance for Usage of Permeable Pavement at Airports is developing practical guidance for airport practitioners on the advantages and disadvantages of the use of permeable pavement at a variety of types and sizes of airports.  The specific guidance developed will include:


    • Potential installation locations for both airside and landside applications.
    • Environmental, operational, and economic considerations.
    • A decision matrix to examine applicability of installations.


    APTech, the Principal Investigator in collaboration with VHB, Inc. developed a survey to help identify airport locations that have used permeable pavement.


    The ACC and APTech would appreciate hearing from airports and consultants about your experience.  Please help us with this research effort by asking your members to take this short survey. The questions should take approximately 15 minutes or less to complete.


    Please complete the survey by Wednesday, September 30, 2015.  Questions? Contact Mr. James Bruinsma, Principal Investigator, at 815.609.5250 or jbruinsma@appliedpavement.com.



    Transportation Research Board publishes Volume 1 of Preventive Maintenance at General Aviation Airports, co-authored by APTech

    August 2015

    The Transportation Research Board has released an important resource for airport administrators: Preventive Maintenance at General Aviation Airports.  APTech’s David Peshkin served as a co-author of the guide, with responsibility for the pavement component.


    As part of the Federal Aviation Authority-sponsored Airport Cooperative Research Program, this first volume provides an overview of airport preventive maintenance as well as the financial, logistical, and staffing challenges that are unique to general aviation airports.  Preventive maintenance is vital in keeping general aviation airports in sound condition, yet it is rarely prioritized.  This guide serves as a primer for the importance and value of preventive maintenance programs. More comprehensive guidelines are established in Volume 2 of the report.  The full Volume 1 report can be accessed here; and the full Volume 2: Guidebook is available here.


    ICMPA 9 Conference

    June 2015

    APTech engineers attended the 9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets in Alexandria, Virginia from May 18-21.  Several had papers accepted to the conference, and President Katie Zimmerman presented “Preparing for the Next Transformation in Pavement Management” as a keynote speaker.  The conference explored the next generation of pavement management tools and was centered on the theme of "moving pavement management beyond the short-term: embracing innovation and addressing sustainability, accountability, and improved performance."  Visit the conference’s website http://www.icmpa9.org/ for more details.


    New Senior Engineer Joins APTech

    June 2015

    APTech is proud to announce Greg Duncan, P.E. as the newest member of our pavement engineering team.  Mr. Duncan will be applying his knowledge and expertise to support APTech’s local, state, and federal pavement preservation projects, maintenance consulting initiatives, training, and related technical areas.


    Mr. Duncan has over 20 years of highway transportation experience with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TNDOT), most recently as the Assistant Chief Engineer for Operations. Mr. Duncan is recognized for his exceptional organizational leadership and outstanding service in highway asset management, materials, and construction and maintenance. His commitment and exemplary work were recognized by the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers, which bestowed the Professional Engineer in Government Award to Mr. Duncan in 2005.  In addition, Mr. Duncan is often solicited to participate on national panels in recognition of his standing as an expert in highway operations and maintenance practices.


    “Greg brings a broad range of transportation engineering experiences and a high level of energy to this job,” APTech Vice President David Peshkin, P.E. said. “His background in maintenance and operations, as well as his involvement in projects of local, national, and international significance, are tremendous assets and we know that he will help us to continue to build and strengthen relationships with new and old clients alike.”


    Mr. Duncan earned his M.S. in Civil Engineering from Auburn University and his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.  Despite hailing from Southeastern Conference football country, Greg has been gracious in his willingness to associate with many of the humble Big Ten folk that comprise APTech.  That’s a promising start for APTech’s newest hire!


    FHWA promotes Sustainable Pavements Program through Reference Document, webinar series

    May 2015

    Since 2010, APTech has led a broad-based team of pavement practitioners in supporting FHWA’s Sustainable Pavements Program.  Through a number of initiatives, the program strives to increase the awareness, visibility, and the body of knowledge of sustainability considerations in all phases of the pavement life cycle.


    The FHWA recently completed the technical resource publication “Towards Sustainable Pavement Systems: A Reference Document” (FHWA-HIF-15-002), and is now delivering a series of five webinars to help implement and promote key elements of pavement sustainability.  Each webinar is free, 2 hours in length, and counts towards professional development hours.  The webinars are relevant to a wide variety of stakeholders involved in the research, design, construction, and rehabilitation of pavements.


    The webinars run April 29th through September 9th. Click here to see upcoming webinar topics and for free and easy registration.


    APTech is honored with the Michigan DOT Office of Aeronautics’ 2015 “Robert G. Peckham Consultant of the Year Award”

    February 2015

    On February 19th during the annual Michigan Airport Conference, The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Aeronautics granted APTech the “Robert G. Peckham Consultant of the Year Award”.


    This is the 24th year that the MDOT Office of Aeronautics has presented the award, now named after the distinguished Mr. Peckham for his many years of engineering service to the aviation community.  APTech received the award “in recognition of engineering excellence provided to aviation in the performance of airfield pavement evaluations and the development of cost-effective pavement management programs for airports throughout the State of Michigan.  APTech has provided significant enhancements to their Airport Pavement Management System through continuous innovation.  Recent developments include the addition of the Interactive Data Exchange Application (IDEA), which provides user-friendly web-based access to airport pavement data and deterioration forecasting.”  Michigan’s IDEA can be viewed at the following location, http://mdotnetpublic.state.mi.us/apms.


    APTech is currently conducting a multi-year update of the Michigan statewide airport pavement management system (APMS).  APTech evaluates the condition of airport pavement using the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) procedure and updates the Office of Aeronautics’ PAVER pavement management system.  The collected data are analyzed to determine current pavement conditions, project future pavement conditions, and develop recommendations for the maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) of the pavement system.


    Airport Consultants Council/American Association of Airport Executives Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium

    February 2015

    APTech attended the Airport Consultants Council/American Association of Airport Executives Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium, from February 18-20 in Denver, Colorado.  APTech’s Genevieve Long presented “Are ACNs/PCNs the Answer?” on February 19.  The Symposium “offers highly technical content for airport professionals of all disciplines and experience levels”, including pavement technologies and the most relevant issues in airport planning and management.


    Blue Ribbon Award Winner

    January 2015

    The Transportation Research Board’s Standing Committee Transportation Asset Management (ABC40) was honored as a 2015 Blue Ribbon Award recipient during the 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington D.C. on January 12th.    The Committee was recognized in the Advanced Research Category for “turning research needs statements into NCHRP funded research projects”.  Congratulations to APTech President Katie Zimmerman as the Committee Chair!


    The Blue Ribbon Committees Program “recognizes exemplary best practice standing committee activities and the volunteer efforts associated with those activities.  The Blue Ribbon Committees serve as role models, with committee Chairs and members sharing their experiences with others.”


    Four APTech NHI Instructors awarded NHI Instructor of Excellence Award

    June 2014

    The National Highway Institute (NHI) awarded Katie Zimmerman, P.E. (President), Kurt Smith, P.E. (Program Director), David Peshkin, P.E. (Vice President), and Dean Testa (Consultant) the Instructor of Excellence Award for 2013. The award is given to NHI-certified instructors who consistently achieve an instructor satisfaction ranking of 4.5 average or above and have been nominated by a Training Program Manager and Instructor Advisory Committee. APTech NHI instructors are repeatedly recognized with this honor: Mr. Smith won the award in 2011 and 2012 and Ms. Zimmerman previously won this award in 2009 and 2012. In addition, APTech was recognized with the Administrative Team Award in 2007, 2008, and 2009.


    APTech papers accepted at 9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets

    February 2015

    APTech engineers continue to solidify their authority as subject matter experts with continued paper publication.  Recently, several APTech engineers had papers accepted for upcoming the 9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets, May 18-21 in Washington, D.C.


    “Pavement Management’s Role in an Asset Management World” was written by  APTech’s Katie Zimmerman and Prashant Ram.



    With the passage of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, commonly known as MAP-21, there has been increased focus and attention to asset management programs in transportation agencies and the development of risk-based asset management plans.  These plans document the transportation assets being managed by the agency, summarize current and planned performance expectations, and outline the investment plans that the agency will make to meet performance targets.  Although MAP-21 requires the plans to include only pavements and bridges on the National Highway System, state transportation agencies are encouraged to include all infrastructure assets within the right-of-way corridor in their plan.


    With all this focus on asset management some agencies may draw the conclusion that pavement management is less important than it has been in the past.  Is there any truth to that conclusion?  Is there a future for pavement management beyond data collection activities?  This paper addresses these questions by demonstrating the expanding role for pavement management in supporting an agency’s asset management initiatives and the importance of developing pavement management tools that are used for more than gathering and reporting pavement conditions.  The authors illustrate the importance of pavement management analysis results to develop key components of an asset management plan.  For instance, the paper illustrates how pavement management outputs are critical to being able to: a) conduct a life-cycle analysis showing the cost-effectiveness of different treatment strategies, b) evaluate trade-offs when making investment options across asset types, and c) identify and manage risks that might impact the agency’s ability to achieve its goals.


    The paper concludes with recommendations for enhancements to existing pavement management systems that are needed to better support the asset management environment in which most transportation agencies operate.  Specifically, the paper discusses the importance of integrating pavement management data with other asset data, incorporating the performance of preservation activities in prediction models, and capturing the impact of capital investments on future maintenance costs to truly evaluate the whole life costs of a given option.


    “STREETSAVER and PAVER Budget and Condition Analysis: A Case Study” was written by APTech’s Nathan Kebede and Linda Pierce, and Ryan Miles of the City of Vancouver, Washington.



    Transportation agencies of all sizes have been adopting and implementing pavement management systems to help manage their pavement assets and appropriately allocate funds across their pavement network.  The decreasing amount of available funds to maintain and upkeep pavement infrastructures is one of the main reasons an increasing number of local agencies are implementing more sophisticated pavement management systems.  StreetSaver and PAVER are two of the more widely used and publicly available pavement management system software programs in the U.S.  This paper presents a case study evaluation of the budget analyses used within the StreetSaver and PAVER software programs.  The analyses include constrained budget and target condition scenarios.  The results shed light on the analysis differences between the two pavement management system software programs.


    "Quality Management for Pavement Condition Data Collection" was written by  APTech's Katie Zimmerman and Linda Pierce.



    Within a pavement management system, pavement condition data are used for modeling pavement performance; to trigger maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction; to evaluate program effectiveness; and to satisfy many other purposes.  While there are many different methodologies used for assessing pavement condition (i.e., manual, semi- and fully automated surveys), the need for quality data remains the same.  Agencies take a number of steps to ensure and verify data quality, including calibration of the data collection equipment or the inspection teams, incorporating quality control sections that are re-inspected to assess repeatability, verifying reasonableness and completeness of the pavement condition survey, and conducting audits of the pavement distress data.

    As part of a Federal Highway Administration project, a Practical Guide for Quality Management of Network-Level Pavement Condition Data was developed based on agency procedures, practical examples, and case studies.  This paper summarizes the components of a data quality management plan for pavement condition data collection and when applicable, provides examples of agency practices.  The primary activities involved in developing a data quality management plan include identifying what data quality standards will be used, identifying what activities need to occur to achieve those standards, measuring the data, and reporting the results.  Specifically related to pavement condition data collection, the key components of a data quality management plan include establishing data collection/rating protocols, defining data quality standards, determining personnel responsibilities, providing personnel training programs, establishing equipment calibration and method acceptance, conducting data inspection, applying corrective action, and reporting the results of the quality management process.


    “The Use of GPS-Based Distress Mapping to Improve Pavement Management” was written by  APTech's Peter-Paul Dzwilewski



    Utilizing recent inspection data of portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements at airports and military installations in the United States and Canada, the enhancement of long-term pavement management through Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)-based distress mapping is examined.  Specifically, examples of distress pattern identification, improvements to the determination of localized maintenance repair quantities, the process of selecting appropriate rehabilitation methods, and applying identified deficiencies to future construction and repair projects are discussed.


    Distress pattern identification illustrates how various types of distresses within and across slabs are related to one another, which allows for the isolation of required repairs and leads to more effective maintenance planning.  Comparisons between actual repair quantities from the distress mapping process and standard repair quantities from pavement management software are also analyzed.  Distress mapping allows maintenance needs to be located and repaired by maintenance crews, and provides more accurate funding requirements for improved planning.  It also offers the ability the track the progression of distresses and the effectiveness of repairs over time.  Distress mapping also provides greater insight to selecting the proper rehabilitation method.  Pavement repair options can be weighed against rehabilitation or reconstruction options to determine what option will yield the best combination of future pavement condition, cost, and operational requirements.  In some instances, the existing distresses can assist in modifying current design, construction, or repair methods being employed.  With these benefits, distress mapping can improve the pavement condition and reduce the overall funding requirements.


    New Mexico IDEA Goes Live

    June 2014

    The New Mexico Aviation Division, along with APTech, undertook a re-inspection of the state's airports for the Division’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Program. The work over the past year included re-inspecting the airports, updating the pavement management database, providing individual airport reports, and creating an Interactive Data Exchange Application, a data presentation tool to share this information. The IDEA can be viewed here as well as through the New Mexico Aviation Division website.


    From this site, the user is able to access everything that was gathered over the past year, including:


    • Statewide summary charts and tables that summarize statewide airport pavement area by factors such as surface type, use, PCI range, and airport.
    • Statewide summary charts and tables that summarize statewide area-weighted condition values by factors such as surface type, use, and airport.
    • Ability to either select from a drop-down list of airports or click on an airport shown on a statewide map to obtain detailed information about that airport.
    • Interactive section-based PCI maps for each airport showing the current year’s PCI value.
    • Ability to view details(e.g., surface type, area, construction date, etc.),  about an individual pavement section by clicking on that section in the interactive PCI map.
    • For each included airport, a summary of photographs from the latest survey (identified by section) are included.
    • For each included airport, a summary of the measured distresses (types, severities, and quantities) from the latest survey (identified by section) are included.
    • Detailed information about what distresses are included in the PCI procedure, how they are measured, and what differentiates the severity levels of each distress.


    APTech Vice President ACC Board of Directors Chair

    November 2013

    David Peshkin, P.E., APTech Vice President, was elected the 2014 Aviation Consultant Council (ACC) Board of Directors Chair. He assumed the position on November 12, 2013 during the 35th ACC Annual Conference and Exposition in Tucson, Arizona. David's commitment to pavement engineering, particularly in the areas of airport pavement management and evaluation, provides a strong background to serve in this position.


    "Our firm's active participation in ACC has been an essential component of our success in airport pavement consulting," David said. "No other organization provides us with similar opportunities to interact in such a productive manner with other private sector firms, airports and the FAA as well as with other individuals and organizations, both domestically and internationally. During the next year I am looking forward to enhancing the value of ACC membership by working with member firms and ACC staff, including TJ Schulz as he takes over as president in January of 2014."


    "David brings a unique perspective to his role as the new ACC board chair," said incoming ACC president T.J. Schulz. "He has great insights concerning the ACC members and the services that they most value, both now and in the future. I look forward to working with him and the ACC board of directors to enhance the council's strategic position in the industry."


    "Without a doubt, David has led more of ACC's Institute training courses than anyone," said current ACC president Paula Hochstetler. "His commitment to the industry and ACC is readily apparent and I'm certain that he will do a stellar job of leading the council during 2014.


    APTech Forms Joint Venture in India

    November 2013

    In a continued effort to serve our clients in India, APTech and SOWiL Limited, an engineering firm headquartered in Mumbai, have formed a joint venture: Applied Pavement Engineering Consultants. Through this collaborative effort, APTech is better able to provide roadway and airport pavement engineering services to our clients in the region.


    APTech Technician Completes FAA GIS Training

    November 2013

    Trent Montgomery, a Technician with APTech, recently received his certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for completing the Integrated Distance Learning Environment (FAA IDLE) Level 3 Training for FAA Advisory Circulars 150/5300-16a, 150/5300-17b, and 150/5300-18b. This online training provides detailed instruction on three FAA Advisory Circulars covering standards and requirements for all FAA sponsored surveys including, but not limited to: aeronautical surveys, airport construction, NAVAID installation and relocation, and survey data formulation/submittal to the Airports GIS (AGIS) website.


    APTech Vice President Named to RMWPPP Board

    October 2013

    The Rocky Mountain West Pavement Preservation Partnership (RMWPPP) recently elected David Peshkin, P.E., APTech Vice President, to a Director of the RMWPPP board as an industry representative. The RMWPPP is comprised of representatives from regional, state, and local highway agencies; provincial transport agencies; industry; suppliers; consultants; and academia; and it seeks to develop sound pavement investment programs to gain infrastructure and operational efficiencies and satisfy the reporting requirements of GASB 34.  Mr. Peshkin was previously named to the Midwest Pavement Preservation Partnership (MPPP) board and currently serves as a Director. Participation in these organizations helps APTech to stay current on pavement preservation activities around the country as well as contribute to the state of the practice in research, education, specifications, and other areas.


    Five APTech NHI Instructors Awarded NHI Instructor of Excellence Award

    October 2013

    The National Highway Institute (NHI) awarded APTech's Katie Zimmerman, P.E. (President), Kurt Smith, P.E. (Program Director), Steve Seeds, P.E. (Program Director), Mark Gardner, P.E. (Senior Engineer), and Dean Testa (Consultant) the Instructor of Excellence Award for 2012. The award is given to NHI-certified instructors who consistently achieve an instructor satisfaction ranking of 4.5 average or above and have been nominated by a Training Program Manager and Instructor Advisory Committee. APTech NHI instructors are repeatedly recognized with this honor: Mr. Seeds is a three-time consecutive winner, Mr. Smith won the award in 2011, and Ms. Zimmerman previously won this award in 2009. In addition, APTech was recognized with the Administrative Team Award in 2007, 2008, and 2009.


    Massachusetts Department of Transportation Awards Airport Engineer for Statewide Airport Pavement Management System

    August 2013

    Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) named Kathleen Mahoney, Airport Engineer, July Employee of the Month in recognition of her work on the Statewide Airport Pavement Management System (APMS). This project, which was completed by APTech in association with Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc., included the implementation of an APMS for thirty-three airports in Massachusetts. The executive summary and Interactive Data Exchange Application (IDEA) APTech developed as part of this project can be viewed on the MassDOT Aeronautics website. Kathleen's letter of recognition can be viewed here.


    APTech Adds Northern Office

    June 2013

    APTech has opened a new office in Waunakee, Wisconsin, a suburb in the Madison area. While APTech has maintained a presence in the state for many years through a remote office location, this new expansion cements APTech’s commitment to the area. In addition, it provides a strategic location for APTech to serve the northern midwest region of the United States and situates APTech closer to well-known engineering universities.


    Mr. Kyle Potvin, P.E., a long-time resident of Wisconsin, will manage the new office and be joined by engineering associates and technicians. Mr. Potvin is extensively involved in airport pavement engineering, including pavement condition index (PCI) inspections, pavement management software development, and implementation of and involvement with airport pavement management systems (APMS) at the state level and for individual airports. “In addition to the commitment this shows to our existing clients, the potential to grow and take advantage of the many benefits this area has to offer is exciting,” Mr. Potvin said.


    APTech Awarded United Arab Emirates Asset Management Project

    May 2013

    APTech was hired by ECIL to support their work in the development of an Asset Management System for the Al Ain Municipality, United Arab Emirates. The work involves using data collected by ECIL to develop a Pavement Quality Index incorporating distress (PCI), profile (IRI), and structural (FWD) components. The technical approach will be presented to the client in Al Ain using example data provided by ECIL. This will be followed by completion of the calculations and generation of a project report documenting the work effort, for presentation to the client. A composite index as a pavement quality indicator is not a new concept, but APTech was able to apply some innovative thinking towards the structural index that may well suit the client’s purpose. Using this index the client will be able to assess the quality of the pavement in terms of remaining structural life, smoothness, and distress using one composite value.


    APTech Dresses Down to Stand Up for Kids

    April 2013

    In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month (April), APTech participated in Crisis Nursery’s Dress Down to Stand up for Kids fundraiser and raised $1,800, enough to fund 1 24-hour day of operations at Crisis Nursery! APTech employees were asked to donate to Crisis Nursery in exchange for the freedom to wear casual clothes all month long. As an extra motivation, the company promised to match company donations up to the goal amount of $1,800.


    The donations came in quickly, and the goal was reached by the fundraiser deadline of April 15. “Thank you to APTech for taking part in our inaugural ‘Dress Down to Stand Up for Kids’ and your donation of $1,800,” said Stephanie Record, executive director of Crisis Nursery. “This donation covers the Nursery’s operating expenses for one, 24-hour day. Furthermore, your support of the Nursery during Child Abuse Prevention Month emphasizes our mission of providing an ‘Island of Safety’ for local children and families in need. I’m impressed by your creativity and ingenuity in taking this fundraiser to a whole other level and raising more than any other participating business. Thank you!”


    For more information about Crisis Nursery, please visit their website at www.crisisnursery.net.


    APTech a new member of the International Grooving & Grinding Association

    January 2013

    APTech is a national leader in the research, training, and development of of services in pavement preservation and rehabilitation programs.  To continue to hone its expertise and knowledge in this area, APTech has become a member of the International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA).  Among other activities, the IGGA promotes pavement maintenance and repair strategies to local agencies, including state Department of Transportation (DOT) officials, consulting engineers, municipal and county government officials, academia, and airport owners.  In addition, the IGGA works to develop guidelines and specifications for effective and long-lasting concrete pavement restoration methodologies, collaborating with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), American Association of State Transportation and Highway Officials (AASHTO), and other agencies and organizations.


    APTech joins Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association

    January 2013

    Over the last 10 years, APTech has played a key role in developing course materials and presenting training on asphalt pavement recycling techniques and on best practices for pavement preservation. As a consultant to the federal government, we have also provided research support on a number of issues related to sustainability, particularly in the area of pavements. In a continued effort to support sustainable pavements, APTech has joined the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association (ARRA). ARRA promotes recycling of existing roadway materials and helps preserve limited natural resources through education, strategic alliances, and industry and agency partnering. As a member of ARRA, APTech has expanded its access to the latest information on asphalt pavement recycling and it has established a cooperative relationship with the many recycling contractors that make up the bulk of the association.


    APTech Program Director Awarded NHI Instructor of Excellence Award for Second Consecutive Year

    October 2012

    For the second year in a row, the National Highway Institute (NHI) awarded Steve Seeds, P.E., a Program Director for APTech, the Instructor of Excellence Award for 2011. The award, which is given to only fifteen instructors annually, was based on his consistently high evaluation scores in the classroom, demonstrated commitment to the adult learning philosophy, and for maintaining the highest standard of quality for transportation training. Mr. Seeds' instructional experience covers a wide range of topics, and he currently manages several of APTech's NHI classes, including the following: Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Construction, HMA Production Facilities, Asphalt Pavement Recycling Technologies, HMA Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation, and Pavement Preservation: Design and Construction of Quality Preventive Maintenance Treatments.


    Washington State DOT Highlights APMS on Website

    August 2012

    The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) recently highlighted the 2012 Airport Pavement Management Study on their website: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/aviation/Grants/2012AirportPavementStudy.htm. The article details the program and includes APTech's work that is underway as part of the airport pavement management system (APMS) update.


    APTech Principals Provide Expert Opinion on Deteriorated Road

    May 2012

    APTech Vice President David Peshkin, P.E. and Program Director Kurt Smith, P.E. were featured in a News-Gazette news article concerning the deterioration of Windsor Road in Urbana, Illinois. The road suffers from alkali-silica reaction (ASR), requiring that more than a mile of heavily-traveled road be torn out and rebuilt. Mr. Peshkin provided insight into ASR, and Mr. Smith explained the prevalence of it throughout the country. The entire article can be read on The News-Gazette website: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/politics-and-government/2012-05-12/windsor-deterioration-multimillion-dollar-problem.html.


    APTech Senior Engineer Wins Best Paper

    November 2011

    Dr. Linda Pierce, P.E, a Senior Engineer at APTech, received a Best Paper award at the 8th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets (ICMPA). While over 100 papers were presented at the conference in Santiago, Chile, only 5 were awarded the distinction of Best Paper. Dr. Pierce served as lead author for the paper, with Katie Zimmerman, P.E. (APTech) and Nastaran Saadatmand (FHWA) serving as co-authors. The paper, Use of Pavement Management Data for Calibration of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide, was written under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Project DTFH61-07-R-00143, a research study implemented to help state highway agencies calibrate the MEPDG models using existing pavement management system data. The resulting two-volume report developed a framework for utilizing the pavement management system data. Dr. Pierce's paper can be viewed here.


    APTech Presented at International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets

    November 2011

    While APTech attends many conferences throughout the year, the 8th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets (ICMPA), on November 15-19, presented a unique opportunity to meet with leading experts around the world to discuss the evolving topic of managing pavement assets.  in 2011, APTech President Katie Zimmerman, P.E. and Senior Engineer Linda Pierce, P.E., attended the conference and presented two papers each. One of Ms. Pierce's papers was given the distiction as one of the conference's best papers.  In addition, a poster from Vice President Maggie Covalt, P.E. was showcased during the case study poster session.  Ms. Zimmerman, who serves on the International Steering Committee for the conference, also spoke at the closing session.


    The conference, hosted by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Transportation Research Board in Santiago, Chile, focused on recent technical knowledge in managing pavement assets.  Researchers, academics, and professionals from public and private organizations were in attendance to share their experiences related to managing pavement assets.  The conference, entitled “Fulfilling the Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibilities for Sustainable, Well Managed, Better Roads,” included presentations, lectures, discussion panels, tutorials, and workshops regarding sustainable design, construction, and operation of pavement assets.  Approximately eighty technical papers were presented, and more than twenty case study posters were exhibited.  For more information, please visit the ICMPA 2011 conference website:


    APTech Engineer Named ASCE Central Illinois Young Engineer of the Year

    October 2011

    Genevieve Long, P.E., a pavement engineer at APTech, was awarded the ASCE Central Illinois Section Young Engineer Award at the 87th Annual ASCE Central Illinois Meeting & Banquet. The annual award is based on excellent performance that has demonstrated leadership potential in civil engineering, evidence of high character and professional integrity, civic and humanitarian activities (community service), and contributions to ASCE. Ms. Long was honored for her contributions on several different levels, including her work with ASCE, Engineers Without Borders, outreach to other engineers, and the extent of her technical work at APTech.


    Arizona DOT APMS Wins NASAO Award

    September 2011

    At the 2011 NASAO Conference, the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) airport pavement management system (APMS) was awarded the Most Innovative State Program. The APMS, which APTech implemented in 2000 and updated in 2003, 2006, and 2010, merited award based on its innovativeness, value for the investment, ease of use and implementation, quality of service to aviation community public, and filling an unmet need for the aviation community. The APMS provides Arizona DOT with a tool to proactively manage the pavement infrastructure at fifty three Arizona airports and includes an interactive data exchange application (IDEA) to facilitate the availability of information. To view the program, please visit: http://mpd.azdot.gov/MPD/Airport_Development/APTech_DAP/index.html. To view Arizona DOT's article on the award, please visit: http://www.azdot.gov/CCPartnerships/News/NRel3069.asp.


    (South)Westward Expansion

    July 2011

    APTech is spreading their roots south with a new office in Austin, Texas. This strategic expansion fortifies APTech's current locations (Urbana, Illinois; Plainfield, Illinois; and Reno, Nevada), allowing APTech to better serve clients throughout the country. To spearhead this new endeavor, Mr. Mark Gardner, P.E. has joined APTech and will manage the Austin office. A long-standing resident of Texas, Mr. Gardner brings to APTech a wealth of pavement engineering experience, including roadway projects with a focus on collection of performance data (deflection, distress, and profile), surface characteristics, hot-mix asphalt (HMA) materials, HMA design and construction, forensic engineering, and pavement management. "Mark brings almost three decades of engineering experience and an unbridled enthusiasm to this job," APTech Vice President David Peshkin, P.E. said. "He has worked throughout the west and southwest—on projects of local, national, and international significance—and we expect that he will help us to strengthen relationships with new and old clients alike. With Mark joining APTech, we are especially pleased to be able to expand our presence in Texas and throughout his region."


    During his previous employment, Mr. Gardner served as Engineering Manager for Research and Design and as a Senior Project Manager for a variety of research and consulting projects. His international work includes coordinating various project operations in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Australia. In a unique long-term contract with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Mr. Gardner served as the Project Manager for the Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program for the Southern Region of the U.S. for 15 years. Mr. Gardner has actively participated in many traffic data collection and management activities, leading to his appointment as Chair of Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee ABJ35, Highway Traffic Monitoring, and eventually to an appointment as an Emeritus Member of that same committee. He is now also a Co-Chair of the TRB Subcommittee on Weigh In Motion Data Collection, developing research needs initiatives and synthesis studies on this subject.


    President Presents at Roads & Bridges Live 2010

    November 2010

    Katie Zimmerman, P.E., president of APTech, recently presented at the three-day Roads & Bridges Live 2010 event. Her presentation, "Preserving What You’ve Built Through Pavement Management," discussed pavement management basics, treatment timing and selection, and other pavement management topics. The slide presentation can be downloaded from the Roads & Bridges Live host, Scranton Gillette: Preserving What You’ve Built Through Pavement Management (.pdf, 6MB).

    ADOT Division of Aeronautics Group Implements Online Pavement Management Program

    October 2010

    During the 2010 statewide airport pavement management update for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), APTech developed an online pavement management program for use by ADOT and 53 statewide airports. ADOT hosts the interactive data access program, which is a powerful planning tool for all pavement management decision makers statewide. APTech designed ADOT's data access program to meet the agency's specific needs by combining the use of maps, photographs, and hypertext links to allow viewers to quickly review pavement conditions, statistical data, and analysis results.


    APTech pioneered interactive pavement management data access programs on CDs over a decade ago, and has now improved the technology by implementing web-based access for several statewide aviation clients, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. To see anonther example of this type of project go to the Pennsylvania Statewide Pavement Management Program. For more information, please contact  Maggie Covalt.


    FHWA Awards Firm Third Consecutive Training Award

    August 2010

    For the third consecutive year, the Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Institute (NHI) recognized APTech with the Team Administrative Award. The criteria for the most recent award, the 2009 NHI Team Administrative Award, included "consistent excellence in training administration and instructor competence in the delivery of vital training to the transportation workforce." This repeated recognition demonstrates the team's sustained commitment to excellence.


    Kathryn Zimmerman, President and Principal of APTech, received additional individual recognition in this award for her "focused efforts to provide quality instruction and stress the value of 'learner-oriented' principles in the classroom."


    President Receives U of I Distinguished Alumni Award

    March 2010

    On February 11, Kathryn Zimmerman, president of APTech, received the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award from the University of Illinois Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association. The award recognizes professional accomplishments or unique contributions to society by alumni of the department.


    Zimmerman was nominated for her “outstanding leadership in, as well as contributions to, pavement research, design, construction and management technology; and for extensive service and dedication to engineering education, particularly the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois.”


    Some of the required attributes for distinguished alumni include the following:

    Having distinguished themselves through outstanding leadership in the planning and direction of engineering work.

    Having administered major engineering projects.

    Contributing to the knowledge in their field of expertise.

    Fostering the development of young engineers.

    Contributing to society at large.

    Showing commitment to their profession by contributing to civil engineering activities and organizations.


    More information about Zimmerman’s nomination is available at the University of Illinois Civil Engineering Department website.


    APTech Celebrates Fifteen Years of Excellence!

    March 2010

    APTech is celebrating our fifteenth anniversary! Our steady growth from one employee in 1995 to thirty-five employees in 2010 reflects the success of a firm that committed from the opening of our doors to providing excellent service and sound technical expertise. With the help of our dedicated and widely recognized staff, APTech has achieved many awards and milestones during our first fifteen years. Here are a few highlights as of March 2010:


    Zweig Letter “Hot Firm List”

    CE News “Best Firms to Work For”

    National Highway Institute Team Administrative Award (Three-time winner)

    Michigan DOT Consultant of the Year



    Performance of work in 46 states and nearly a dozen provinces and countries

    Completion of over 700 roadway and airport projects

    Management of 300 million square feet of military pavement

    Implementation or update of 20 statewide airport pavement management systems

    Establishment of offices in Illinois, Nevada, and Michigan with satellite presence in Arizona, Wisconsin, and New Mexico


    APTech’s expertise spans all aspects of airport and roadway pavement engineering, including the following technical areas: pavement management, pavement evaluation, pavement design and rehabilitation recommendations, forensic studies, life cycle cost analysis, applied research, and technology transfer. The firm’s consistent growth has also allowed us to expand into other business areas during the past few years, such as performing pavement engineering services for homeowner’s associations , providing legal expert testimony in our field, and promoting sustainable pavement design.


    We look forward to continued work with our satisfied, repeat clients in the future and to building relationships with new clients for whom we can provide services.


    Principal Featured in National Infrastructure Magazine

    December 2009

    Kathryn Zimmerman, President and Principal of APTech, was recently interviewed for the Editor’s letter of CE News. She was asked to discuss her article published in the Industry Trends section of the CE News sister publication, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure: Engineering for Bridges and Roads. Zimmerman's article in the November 2009 issue, “Transportation asset management: Investing wisely in transportation infrastructure enhancements,” defines and explains the importance of asset management, including providing tips and best practices on implementation. As an expert in transportation asset management, Zimmerman frequently gives advice to transportation agencies on implementing or improving their asset management programs to better utilize agency funding.


    APTech Earns National Highway Institute Award

    August 2009

    For the second consecutive year, the National Highway Institute (NHI) awarded APTech with the annual Team Administrative Award for exemplary service, consistent excellence in training administration, and instructor competence. This year, principals David Peshkin and Kathryn A. Zimmerman were recognized specifically for their contribution as instructors for the two FWHA courses Practices for Enhanced Maintenance Management Systems (FHWA-NHI-131107) and Principles of Writing Highway Construction Specifications (FHWA-NHI-134001A).


    APTech Welcomes New Senior Engineer!

    August 2009

    In July, APTech welcomed Kelly Smith, Senior Engineer, as our newest team member. With more than 20 years in the transportation engineering profession, he brings extensive knowledge of pavement engineering and research.


    Smith’s areas of expertise include pavement performance evaluation, pavement design, pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, pavement surface characteristics (friction, smoothness, texture, and noise), and construction policy evaluation, which involves pavement type selection, life-cycle cost analysis, materials and construction specifications, and pavement testing. He is highly experienced in highway construction and maintenance quality assurance systems.


    Smith has managed or taken a lead role on over thirty highway and airfield pavement projects and has worked on numerous pavement research and engineering projects for federal, State, and local government agencies, as well as private industry. Additionally, he has authored or co-authored more than fifty-five technical reports, manuals, and papers, and has presented at various transportation conferences and workshops.


    Firm Mourns Loss of FHWA Friend

    July 2009

    Jim Sorenson worked in the FHWA’s Office of Asset Management where he was Senior Construction and Preservation Engineer. For more than 30 years Jim played a key role in so many aspects of the pavement field, including construction, quality, training, maintenance, preservation, and preventive maintenance. No matter what office Jim worked out of, no matter what his title was, he found a way to make a difference throughout his career. Jim helped individuals, he helped organizations, and he helped industries, and he did this across the United States and around the world. Jim was selfless and he was tireless, as evidenced by his around-the-clock calls and e-mails.  On June 27, 2009 Jim passed away, just shy of his 60th birthday. His loss is felt by many, including his daughters and grandchildren, his extended family, and his many friends and colleagues. At APTech we mourn the loss of a man we considered a good friend and a colleague. There are few if any in our profession who have as positive an impact as Jim, and we will miss him.


    Pavement Engineer Earns LEED Certification

    June 2009

    Recently, Genevieve Long, P.E., became APTech’s second engineer to earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Professional Accreditation certification. Long, a Pavement Engineer with the firm, successfully demonstrated her knowledge and understanding of the LEED rating system and green building practices and principles to obtain her certification. In Long’s six years with APTech, she has implemented recycling programs and encouraged more sustainable engineering practices to promote the health and longevity of the environment.


    Principal Interviewed for State Aviation Journal

    April 2009

    David Peshkin, P.E., Principal and Vice President of APTech, was recently interviewed by Andrea Brennan for an article in the April/May 2009 issue of the State Aviation Journal. The article titled, “Doing Good Work and Having Fun! Goal of Illinois Consulting Firm,” discusses the history and the future of the company. The article can be found in PDF format on pages 11 and 12 in the April/May 2009 issue of the State Aviation Journal.


    Principal Interviewed on Chicago Television

    March 2009

    On February 25, 2009, WGN Chicago interviewed David Peshkin, P.E., a principal at APTech, during a leading story about the problem of potholes in the city. Peshkin answered questions about the cost versus the benefit of patching pavement near the end of its lifecycle. He also suggested to drivers, "If you're on a badly potholed road and there's standing water, you don't know how deep you're gonna go. I'd say take it easy, go carefully, or you'll be buried up to your axles in asphalt." The story was later rebroadcast on a Champaign-Urbana television station.


    APTech Wins Consultant of the Year Award

    February 2009

    APTech was recently awarded the Michigan DOT Bureau of Aeronautics and Freight Services Consultant of the Year award. The award recognized excellent service in the aviation industry of Michigan based on the performance of airfield pavement evaluations and the development of cost-effective airport pavement management programs. Kyle Potvin, P.E., accepted the award on behalf of APTech at a ceremony on February 5, 2009.


    Airport Consultant Council Recognizes APTech Principal with Award

    November 2008

    David Peshkin, P.E., a principal at APTech, was awarded the annual Board of Governors Chair Award on November 11 at the 2008 Airport Consultant Council (ACC) Convention.  According to the ACC, “The Board of Governors Chair Award is presented annually to ACC members who have, in the opinion of the Board of Governors Chair, shown exceptional commitments to the ACC and have been of particular assistance during the Board Chair's tenure.”


    The presenter noted Mr. Peshkin’s longtime contributions to the ACC, including being a “champion of and an instructor for 8 ACC Institute course offerings and [being] one of the keys to the success of the ACC Institute.”


    Peshkin was lauded for accomplishing the ACC’s “goal of fostering a cooperative, educational and professional environment,” as well as generously committing his time and effort to broaden the knowledge of the consultant community.


    Peshkin is a member of the ACC Board of Governors, has served as Chair or Vice Chair for 3 ACC committees, and is the current chair of the ACC Institute Committee.


    State Department of Transportation Expert Joins APTech

    July 2008

    Ms. Linda Pierce, P.E. joins us as a Senior Engineer with over 20 years of experience with the Washington State Department of Transportation. Her specialized skills include pavement management, pavement design, pavement rehabilitation, pavement construction, pavement type selections and life-cycle cost analysis. Her Ph.D. will be completed in December 2008.


    Linda was the Vice Chair of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Joint Technical Committee on Pavements and the Chair of the DARWin Task Force.  She has served and continues to serve as a Panel Member on numerous National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) studies and is a member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committees on Pavement Management, Rigid Pavement Design, and Pavement Rehabilitation.

Read up on Every Day Counts "Innovation of the Month" on Pavement Preservation

September 2017


Every Day Counts (EDC) is a Federal Highway Administration initiative to assist state highway associations in identifying and rapidly deploying innovations to speed up the delivery of highway projects and address challenges presented by limited budgets. APTech has supported the EDC program through the development and delivery of regional workshops on pavement preservation.


Check out EDC's Innovation Spotlight on pavement preservation, featuring APTech Chief Engineer David Peshkin.


Register for AAAE's Pavement Maintenance and Evaluation Workshop!

August 2017


Co-facilitated by APTech Vice President David Peshkin, September 26–27 in Alexandria, Virginia. Read more




Clearinghouse of MEPDG-Related Research & Implementation Efforts published!

July 2017


Check it out on the FHWA website.




APTech Presents at WCPAM in Baveno, Italy

June 2017

APTech engineers are headed to the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management in Baveno, Italy; June 12–16.


The Conference targets transportation infrastructures and asset management stakeholders. Conference topics relate to the maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation of infrastructure assets, including Pavement Management Systems, data monitoring and performance assessment, economic, environmental and political strategies, life-cycle cost analysis and life-cycle assessment, safety and risk management, innovative design methods and materials, smart infrastructures and Intelligent Transportation Systems, bridge and tunnel pavements.


On June 12, APTech Executive Vice President Katie Zimmerman will present Tutorial 2: Building a Successful Pavement Management Program and Tutorial 3: Challenges and Opportunities for Incorporating Sustainability into Pavement Management. She is also part of the June 13 podium session, A Conceptual Approach to Evaluate Asset Management Trade-Off Decision, and leads the Putting Your Pavement Management System to Work session. Furthermore, Vice President Maggie Covalt will present A Review of State Airport Pavement Management Practices and Airport Pavement Conditions in the United States from 2003 through 2016 on June 13.



APTech Has a New President!

January 2017

In a year of pronounced change, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. (APTech) is excited to share this news of a planned and orderly transition. On January 1, 2017, Katie Zimmerman turned over day-to-day responsibilities to Monty Wade, APTech’s new President. After founding the Company and serving 21 years as our torchbearer, Katie has nurtured and mentored a new generation of leaders—led by Monty—ready to take on the challenges of the future. She looks forward to continuing to help the Company serve you, our clients and friends, while devoting more time to the growing field of asset management. “I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for APTech in all phases of our work, and I’m really happy that our next group of leaders is ready to step in and take over,” she said.


While Katie’s focus and responsibilities have changed, she certainly isn’t going anywhere! At the corporate level, she’s assumed the role of Executive Vice President and is focusing on strategic initiatives, while continuing to lead APTech’s efforts in asset management. She also continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer and Chair of APTech’s Board of Directors.


Monty Wade joined APTech 19 years ago and most recently served as our Program Director for Commercial Aviation and Department of Defense projects. After earning BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, Monty has spent his 24-year career as a pavement engineer working on every type of project we do, from research to evaluation to design, for both airfield and roadway clients. He has worked within both the public and private sectors across the United States, collaborated with most of our teaming partners, and been instrumental in APTech’s growth since joining the firm in 1997. He has also been instrumental in managing and strategically guiding the company to the strong position it is in today. He has assembled a strong leadership team which blends the strengths of our founding generation with the skills and enthusiasm of the next.



12th Meeting of the Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group

December 2016

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is holding the twelfth meeting of the Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group (SPTWG) in Gainesville, Florida on December 13 and 14. APTech provides organization, coordination, and facilitation to the SPTWG.


APTech engineers Kurt Smith and Prashant Ram are presenting along with other industry experts.  View the meeting agenda here.


The SPTWG was established to integrate stakeholder feedback and input into the FHWA’s pavement sustainability efforts. The purpose of the SPTWG is to provide technical input to the FHWA specific to sustainability and environmental aspects of pavements and materials and to serve as a forum for information sharing and exchange.  The SPTWG is comprised of twenty representatives from key stakeholder groups, including federal and state government, academia, industry, and research institutions.



APTech Employees Get in the Holiday Spirit Through Community Service

December 2016

APTech elves helped spread holiday cheer during Crisis Nursery’s 24th Annual Holiday Shop.  APTech volunteers helped children pick out, purchase, and wrap gifts for their family members.  The proceeds from the Holiday Shop benefit Crisis Nursery and its mission to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing 24-hour emergency care for children and support to strengthen families in crisis.  APTech is a proud supporter of Crisis Nursery throughout the year and raises funds to help the Nursery create Islands of Safety in the community.



APTech's Headquarters on Urbana's Map of Historic Buildings

October 2016


APTech's unique downtown workspace, a historic landmark known as Tiernan's Block, is now part of the City of Urbana, Illinois' Historic Resources Map. This Classical Revival style of architecture, built in 1871 with brick after a devastating downtown fire, is adorned with white terra cotta with a limestone base. The third and fourth floors of Tiernan's Block were used as an opera house in the 19th century. The building also served as a Masonic Lodge for over 100 years. Click here to explore the map and read the history of the building or listen to the audio tour at 115 West Main Street.



APTech Vice President Receives 2016 NASAO President's Award

September 2016


On September 13, at the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) 85th Annual Convention and Tradeshow's Awards Dinner, APTech Vice President Maggie Covalt was presented with the 2016 President's Award by NASAO President Greg Principato.


The President's Award is bestowed annually to an individual outside of the organization who demonstrates outstanding leadership and initiative, and whose contributions significantly enhance the field of aviation. Maggie was honored to receive the award in recognition of her dedication to the field of airport pavement management. "I became involved with NASAO in 1986 and after just a few days of exposure to the organization I knew state aviation officials and those that support them are a very special group. So special that I purposefully structured a career path that would enable me to stay closely connected with the NASAO family.


Please join us in congratulating Maggie on this honor!


Check out the latest in Pavement Sustainability!

September 2016


APTech is at the forefront of pavement sustainability practices, leading research and technology transfer efforts to preserve and extend pavement life. Read these Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) publications featuring our work:


  • The Pavement Life Cycle Assessment Framework report presents a framework for performing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) specific to pavement systems. Since there is no widely accepted standard that focuses on pavement LCA, this report is crucial first step in the adoption of LCA principles in the nation's pavement community.
  • The Strategies For Improving Sustainability Of Asphalt Pavements and Strategies For Improving Sustainability Of Concrete Pavements tech brief summarize sustainability considerations for asphalt and concrete pavement systems and materials. This guidance enables government agencies and pavement practitioners to consider improvements in each part of a pavement's life cycle, including material extraction and processing, design, construction, use, maintenance/rehabilitation, and end-of-life phases.



APTech to visit U of I and Michigan Tech Career Fairs.

September 2016


We are looking forward to visiting the Urbana, Illinois and Houghton, Michigan campuses this September to meet promising talent. With our competitive salaries and benefits, close-knit office culture, and reputation as a global leader in our field, we attract and retain top individuals in the field. Students: if you're interested in working for APTech, visit our booth!



APTech heads to San Antonio for the 85th Annual NASAO Convention & Tradeshow.

August 2016


APTech is once again a proud sponsor of NASAO's Annual Convention & Tradeshow. This year's convention is in San Antonio from September 11 to 13. APTech engineers Maggie Covalt and Kyle Potvin will be on hand at booth #14 to answer statewide airport pavement management questions and discuss the latest in airport pavement management technology. This includes promoting APTech's Interactive Data Exchange Application (IDEA), now being used by 13 states to quickly identify pavement conditions and needs at airports throughout the state.




Make your way to Minneapolis this summer for the 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management.

July 2016


APTech engineers are attending the preeminent event in Transportation Asset Management (TAM) from July 10 to 12 in Minneapolis. This year's program includes a variety of topics, from introductory material that will satisfy practitioners who are just getting started to complex investment strategies that will challenge those who are ready to move beyond the basics.


APTech President Katie Zimmerman serves as the Conference's Planning Committee Chair. She is a veteran of TAM research, instruction, and outreach. Her conference activities includes:

Opening Session


Monday, 8:30–10:00 a.m. Ballrooms 2 and 4


Funding Transportation Infrastructure (Moving Beyond MAP-21)

Presenting Leading Management Practices in Determining Funding Levels for Maintenance and Preservation

Monday, 1:30–3:00 p.m. Excelsior Room


Closing Session


Tuesday, 2:45–4:00 p.m., Ballrooms 2 and 4


Brad Allen, P.E. is a Senior Engineer with APTech. He is also a member of the Planning Committee and is participating in the following sessions:


Funding Transportation Infrastructure (Moving Beyond MAP-21)


Monday, 1:30–3:00 p.m., Excelsior Room


Closing Session


Tuesday, 2:45–4:00 p.m., Ballrooms 2 and 4




Prashant Ram, P.E., a Pavement Engineer with APTech, is presenting during the following sessions:


Rapid Fire and Round Table of Demonstrations of Innovation (“How To:” Technical Sessions to Advance the State of Practice)

Presenting Investment Planning for ITS Assets

Monday, 3:30–5:00 p.m., Ballroom 1


Planning and Programming (“How To:” Technical Sessions to Advance the State of Practice)

Presenting Data-Rich but Information-Poor: Taking Those First Steps Toward Quantitative 10-Year Target Setting

Tuesday, 8:00–9:30 a.m., Ballroom 1


APTech's Engineering Associate, Kartik Manda, is presenting during the following session:


How to Manage Your Assets (“How To:” Technical Sessions to Advance the State of Practice)

Presenting A Guide to Collecting, Processing, and Managing Roadway Asset Inventory Data

Monday, 10:30–12 p.m. Ballroom 1







APTech Welcomes Brad Allen!

April 2016


APTech is proud to announce the addition of Brad Allen, P.E. to our team of engineers dedicated to improving the performance of pavements and other transportation assets.  Brad joins APTech as a Senior Engineer on our State/National Agencies team and brings robust experience to our asset management capabilities.  Mr. Allen has over 20 years of transportation experience with the New York State Department of Transportation.  In his most recent position as the Director of the Program Management Bureau, he managed the use of Federal and State funding for the Annual State Construction Program, provided fiscal management of regional programs, and managed the Governor’s 5-year Transportation program.  Mr. Allen is recognized for his exemplary work in transportation asset management and his leadership role in allocating large-scale funding. In addition, Mr. Allen frequently participates on national panels as a recognized expert in pavement materials behavior and maintenance management practices.


“Brad brings highly pertinent and varied highway management experience to this job,” APTech President Katie Zimmerman, P.E. said. “His background in asset management and maintenance, as well as his management of projects with local and national significance, are outstanding assets.  We know that Brad will help us to continue to build and strengthen relationships with new and old clients alike.”


Mr. Allen earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Union College in Schenectady, New York. His career highlights include:


• As Director of the New York State DOT Program Management Bureau, managed funding for the $1.5 to $2.0 Billion Annual State Construction Program.

• Project Manager for New York State DOT’s Transportation Asset Management Plan development.

• Project Manager for New York State DOT Program Information System Software Update.

• Project Manager for New York State DOT Capital Program Support Software Replacement.

• Leader of the New York State DOT Office of Transportation Maintenance, Program Development Unit where he was responsible for providing analysis and support for the development of a $150 million annual budget.

• Chaired the New York DOT/American Concrete Pavement Association subcommittee on PCC pavement friction, texture, and noise.

• Chair of the Implementation Subcommittee for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Transportation Asset Management Committee, ABC40(3).

• Serves on the TRB Maintenance and Operations Management Committee (AHD10).



APTech Contributes to the National Dialogue on Highway Maintenance

February 2016

We continue to support highway maintenance through a variety of initiatives. These include completing research and training projects on Maintenance Quality Assurance (MQA) field inspection practices and training and certification of highway maintenance workers.


Research: NCHRP Synthesis Reports


NCHRP Synthesis 470 coverPresident Katie Zimmerman authored National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 470, "MQA Field Inspection Practices," which summarizes practices used by state transportation agencies to support their maintenance investments. The report documents and summarizes:


  • The type of data collected by agencies.
  • The methodology used to assess condition.
  • The processes in place to ensure the quality of the data.


In addition, the synthesis presents information on how the field inspection data are used to report highway condition, estimate budget needs, and establish targeted levels of service.




NCHRP synthesis 483 coverNancy Laffey and Katie Zimmerman authored NCHRP Synthesis 483 "Training and Certification of Highway Maintenance Workers," which documents front-line maintenance worker training and certification practices for highway transportation agencies in the United States and Canada. The report includes:


  • The types of topics being addressed by training and certification programs.
  • The delivery methods used to provide training.
  • The sources of instruction.
  • The types of material-sharing relationships being utilized to access training.


In addition, the report captures how training is related to performance and the incentives being used by state and provincial agencies to encourage front-line maintenance workers to complete training.



Training: Current Practices in Conduction Field Inspections for MQA Webinar

Maintenance quality assurance field inspection practices webinar image

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. ET the Transportation Research Board is hosting a webinar on MQA Field Inspection Practices. Katie Zimmerman will be presenting the finding from NCHRP Synthesis 470 and three states will discuss their MQA programs.


At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the findings from the state survey and interviews, including the type of data collected, the methodology used to assess condition, and the processes in place to ensure the quality of the data.
  • Understand how field inspection data are used to report highway conditions, estimate budget needs, and establish targeted levels of service.
  • Understand the development of MQA programs and their benefits.


A certificate for 1.5 Professional Development Hours will be provided to attendees who register and attend the webinar as an individual.


Register now!



APTech President Katie Zimmerman honored as an Emeritus Member of TRB Committee AFD10

January 2016

Katie Zimmerman honored as emeritus member of TRB committee AFD10 imageOn January 12th, during the 95th meeting of the Transportation Research Board, APTech President Katie Zimmerman was honored as an Emeritus Member of TRB Committee AFD10: Pavement Management Systems.


Committee AFD10 is concerned with the development, evaluation, integration, and application of existing and new systems of pavement management and the component concepts and models for all types of pavements. Katie served as a member of the committee for many years, chaired the committee for 6 years, and served as the chair and a member of the subcommittee responsible for organizing the International Conferences on Managing Pavement Assets.


Katie's endorsements included the following:


"Not only did Katie bring to the committee a strong technical background in all aspects of pavement management, she also brought an infectious attitude for participant involvement and advancement in pavement management through the work of the TRB committee. Her knowledge, skills, and commitment to the advancement of pavement management were pivotal in her selection as an emeritus member of AFD10."


APTech is Attending the 95th Annual TRB Meeting

January 2016

APTech is sending seven attendees to participate in 2016's TRB Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., January 10–14. APTech has a long history of not only regularly attending the Meeting, but also serving on committees and leading presentations. APTech engineers are presiding over several sessions and presenting several topics, including:


•   Sustainable Long-Life Pavement (as part of Workshop 123: Long Life Concrete Pavements).


•   Cross-training for Transportation Maintenance and Operations Workforce (as part of Event 280: Changes in Maintenance and Operations Workforce: New Paradigm).


•   Developing a Correlation Between the Five Pavement Condition Ratings Used by the Federal Lands Management Agencies (as part of Event 713: Management of Pavement Networks).


"TRB is a great opportunity for us every year," APTech President Katie Zimmerman said. "The number and depth of topics presented during the event is spectacular, and the ability to network with so many transportation professionals in one location is a valuable opportunity."


Click here to find out more details about where APTech will be at the conference. Follow APTech on Twitter to see our latest updates during the conference!


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