Friction, Texture, Profile Equipment Loan Program

In September 2010, the Federal Highway Administration awarded APTech and its teaming partner, the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, a Task Order contract to administer the agency’s Friction, Texture, and Profile Measurement Equipment Loan Program. The Task Order, which is funded through the FHWA’s Pavement Surface Characteristics program, provides state highway agencies and closely affiliated research institutions with the opportunity to request and take loan of a Circular Texture Meter (CT Meter) and/or Dynamic Friction Tester (DF Tester) in order to become acquainted with these devices or use them as part of a pavement friction/texture testing study. The loan program also includes the opportunity to receive remote and/or on-site technical assistance, including training and demonstration of the devices and assistance in using them in the field.


The task order contract for the Equipment Loan Program is scheduled to expire on June 30, 2016.  No loans will take place after this date and no loan requests are currently being accepted.  For additional information or inquiries about the program, please contact Mr. Kelly Smith.

  • CT Meter and DF Tester Equipment

    Pavement friction plays a critical role in the ability of a vehicle to maneuver and stop on roadways, especially in wet weather conditions. Characterizing pavement friction has always posed a challenge to highway agencies determined to improve safety through increased skid resistance.


    The Circular Texture Meter (CT Meter) and Dynamic Friction Tester (DF Tester) present portable solutions to measuring pavement friction. The CT Meter uses a Laser Displacement Sensor to measure the macrotexture of a pavement surface at a given location. Macrotexture is the gritty texture that penetrates thin films of water and provides escape channels for water, thereby increasing the grip for a vehicle's tires and improving stopping ability during wet weather.


    The DF Tester measures the dynamic coefficient of friction on the same circular track of pavement measured by the CT Meter. It provides a surrogate measure of the pavement microtexture, which is the micro-scale roughness exhibited by aggregate particles in the pavement surface layer material. The International Friction Index (IFI), which is becoming the new standard for characterizing pavement friction, can be computed using the CT Meter output in combination with the DF Tester output.


    Both the CT Meter and DF Tester are portable and testing can be fully supported in a van, pick-up truck, sport utility vehicle, or similar. Power is supplied to the equipment directly from the vehicle's battery.

  • Loan Request

    Loan requests are not currently being accepted.



  • Loan Terms

    • Equipment loans are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • Equipment is provided for use by government entities only and may not be transferred to a third private party.
    • Onsite demonstration and training, as well as on-call technical assistance, are provided without charge for all loans.
    • There are no restrictions on the use of data collected using the equipment.
  • Requesting Agency Responsibilities

    • Ensure safe keeping of equipment, and provide prompt notification to the lender regarding loss of, or damage to, equipment and accessories.
    • Provide a short report documenting findings, feedback, and future plans.
  • Links

    Nippo Sangyo Co., Ltd. — Manufacturer of CT Meter and DF Tester

    Shima Trading Co. — North American distributor of CT Meter and DF Tester for Nippo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

    FHWA Office of Pavement Technology — Federal Highway Administration Pavements office overseeing equipment loan program

    ASTM E2157 — ASTM Standard for CT Meter

    ASTM E1911 — ASTM Standard for DF Tester


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